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Year of the ROoster by Cheesegoddess Year of the ROoster :iconcheesegoddess:Cheesegoddess 5 5 Pokimono SS 2016 by Cheesegoddess Pokimono SS 2016 :iconcheesegoddess:Cheesegoddess 4 1 Pokimono Secret Santa Kaori by Cheesegoddess Pokimono Secret Santa Kaori :iconcheesegoddess:Cheesegoddess 2 5 Kurai's app by Cheesegoddess Kurai's app :iconcheesegoddess:Cheesegoddess 0 2 Pokimono SS Sakaku by Cheesegoddess Pokimono SS Sakaku :iconcheesegoddess:Cheesegoddess 3 7 Ro for Hyakki Yagyou by Cheesegoddess Ro for Hyakki Yagyou :iconcheesegoddess:Cheesegoddess 5 5 Ro Cloud Card by Cheesegoddess Ro Cloud Card :iconcheesegoddess:Cheesegoddess 5 5 Q7 NV Bottles and Bells by Cheesegoddess Q7 NV Bottles and Bells :iconcheesegoddess:Cheesegoddess 3 6 Pokimono SS Reika by Cheesegoddess Pokimono SS Reika :iconcheesegoddess:Cheesegoddess 4 3 You have met with a terrible fate haven't you... by Cheesegoddess You have met with a terrible fate haven't you... :iconcheesegoddess:Cheesegoddess 7 3 Party Mask by Cheesegoddess Party Mask :iconcheesegoddess:Cheesegoddess 2 3 The Perfect Host by Cheesegoddess The Perfect Host :iconcheesegoddess:Cheesegoddess 1 1
You are all invited!
Night had come and had settled quite nicely in Pokomino. Each village, resting peacefully from their day’s activities, had a calm that only a sweet night air could offer. The song of nighttime Pokemon insects were just starting to die off as the evening began to grow late. A tranquil breeze with a hint of warmth to it blew through the villages suggesting that soon Spring will be arriving. Very few were out on such a night as nice as this so almost none were around to see the strange looking person quickly creeping about.  They have had busy night, though none would ever know of it.
Hurrying about each village, the strange pink person would stop ever so often and quick as a flash, post a large sign on Lamp post, bill boards and tall trees.  Even a few large boulders would have a sign or two on them. It was clear that each sign placed was done with great care and was positioned where all could see and read it. Hand painted, and different from the next but all done from th
:iconcheesegoddess:Cheesegoddess 2 5
Pokimono SS Crimson Panthera
He was stuck in a tree again. She had no idea what his name was but she could recognize that pink mask and wild hair of his. She had seen the little ditto run about the village since from the very first he came there and she was always surprised at how much trouble he brought with him. If it wasn't getting stuck in a tree, he was being chased by that certain scary looking guard. If he wasn't being chased, he was tripping over his own feet, or being pushed to the side. Or he would break out into song or a puppet show and cause traffic in the village to back up. He seemed to always do it on the busiest of days. Yuki couldn't help but wonder if he did that on purpose.  Of course she never asked him, nor did she stay long to find out. It wasn't that she didn't like him. Oh hardly! It was just she was so very shy and he seemed so very outgoing. Even hurt or on the gloomiest of days, he always seemed bright and cheerful. And even though he wore a mask, she was certain he had a smile on
:iconcheesegoddess:Cheesegoddess 3 3
Pokimono NPC Joh by Cheesegoddess Pokimono NPC Joh :iconcheesegoddess:Cheesegoddess 1 2 A funny thing happend on the way the forum by Cheesegoddess A funny thing happend on the way the forum :iconcheesegoddess:Cheesegoddess 2 16


Bob's Fart fail :iconbasakward:basakward 948 95
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Year of the ROoster
Yeah? Ro! ROoster? Get it?! YEAH YEAH!? No...oh. boo...anyway here's Ro dressed up as a Spritzee, a very WEIRD looking spritzee, for the Year of the Rooster for  :iconpokimono: It's a bird!.....I think...Well it's close to one anyway!

Ro belongs to me…


Chibi - 2
Colo - 2
Total - 4
Pokimono SS 2016

It's that time again for :iconpokimono: 's secret santa!! :iconthereaverofhearts: I'm your secret santa!! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Sorry for how late this is! Old computer died! Old art program wasn't working right! It was just one thing after another for me BLUH! But here it is!

So SOMEONE has tied some mistletoe to Tatsu's horn without him knowing it! Lucky...unlucky? for him that Ro doesn't seem to completely get the whole Mistletoe thing and is hugging the ever lovin strength out of him! Tatsu has no idea what to make of this confusion. Who is this tiny pink person, why are they touching him!? And Ro is like YAAAAAAAAAY NEW FRIEND!!

I hope you had a great holiday and I hope you like this! Sorry again for how late it is!!! I am ashamed....

Also Tatsu and Ro should be in the fluffy floofy hair club! SO MUCH LOVELY HAIR!

Tatsu belongs to :iconTheReaverOfHearts: thereaverofhearts.deviantart.c…

Ro belongs to me…

Points 6 + 2 =8

(hope I did that point thing right)


Did someone say Pickles?
United States
Current Residence: You don't need to know that I'm a bald 50 old guy still living at home with his mom....AH
Favourite genre of music: Show tunes, opera, and pretty much everything.
Favourite photographer: Does Pickled toast fit here?
Favourite style of art: Do you see this? It's drool...It's part of my style bab-a.
Operating System: If I was a doctor, there would be more dead people.
MP3 player of choice: It's called I don't know!
Shell of choice: Heroes in a half shell?
Wallpaper of choice: crap is always a nice choice.
Skin of choice: Lately the skin of frogs have been tickling my fancy!
Favourite cartoon character: Cartoons where?!?! *looks around hyper like*
Personal Quote: Life is like glue! It's Sticky...yet oddly taste good.
Here was something I was tagged to do!

Random Facts!
I deeply love Moons and all moon shape things.
2.  I love video games, like hard core, but I don't consider myself a gamer because I just don't get to play them that much.
3. I have a super large hat collection and yes, I wear them all.
4.  I have two cats, and I'm fostering a third.
5. Halloween is my favorite holiday and no matter what season it is, I'm always in the mood for Halloween.
6.  I have diabetes, Type 1. NEEDLES EVERYWHERE!!
7.  I don't have a favorite type of animal because I seriously love them all.
8.  I loooove friendly monsters.
9.  Actually I just love all monsters.


Scythe's Questions

1. How long has it been since you'd have a bath? Bubbles and all!

 Gosh many years for both....yes I stink HORRIBLY!

2. Do you collect anything? What is it?

*Looks at her collection of many, many odds and ends*.......maaaaybe.

3. Do you have any REALLY big pet peeves?

I have a few, the biggest however are either People who don't keep their word on doing things, change their minds at the last minute to do something, or two faces. Want to talk about me behind my back? Cool fine, but DON'T act like sunshine and lollipops to my face cause I'm ON to that.

4. What do your bedroom walls look like? Posters everywhere? Art? Are they bare? Painted?

   They're mostly bare with a poster here and there and I have lights hanging from on wall. I do have one wall that has marionettes hanging from it.

5. Are you good at making friends? (Teach me if you are Ppfff;Description: )

Yes! I'm an easy person to get a long with and I tend to like most people. I have a rather large but strange sense of humor which can confuse people at times though LOL

6. Do you like energy drinks? Which ones? o 3 o


7. Are you a disney, Pixar, or Dreamworks fan? Or maybe a smaller studio like BlueSky or Laika?

I like ALLLLL of them and more. Cartoons? YES PLEASE!!

8. Are you single /waggles eyebrows


9. Do you have any neat scar stories?

Yes! In my life I've had 84 stitches. Four in my head when I jumped off the couch as a kid and hit the corner of a table (I WAS ADORABLE!!) And 80 when my arm went through a glass window. ALL GOOD TIMES!

10. Do you have time to talk about our lord and savior jesus christ?

  *looks up from an edition of Penthouse*....wah?


 HoiGao' Questions

1. What’s a shiny pokemon you want but DON’T have? (Legendaries excluded cuz I’m p sure everybody would want a shiny mew)
I wouldn't mind if I just HAD a shiny...*has none* BUT if I could have at least any I think I'd like a Ditto and a Spritzee.

2. How would you describe your fashion sense?
Hmm kind of boring. I'm mostly a tee shirt and jeans kind of gal.

3. If you were dropped into a classic Fantasy RPG what character class do you think you’d be?
Rouge all the way baby!!

4. If you had to eat fusion food, which two (or three) cuisine styles appeal the most to you?
Mexican Greek is super good! Also BBQ Sushi was super good too! India French I hear is interesting and I'd like to try that! Actually food...just give it all to me.

5. What’s your Meyer Briggs Personality type?
Hmm, I don't really fit into just one group. I'm a good mix though of

6. If I were to make a TCG version of PKMO characters would you let your character be in it?
LOL Well of course!

7. Serebii or Bulbapedia?
I'm more of a Bulbapedia chick, cause I grew up with it, but I like Serebii just as much!

8. Which of these would appeal to you more gijinkified/humanized. Musical Instruments, Spices and Herbs, Insects, Weapons or Gemstones and Rocks?
Actually all of them LOL but Spices and Herbs and Musical Instruments seems pretty neat!

9. Are there any habits you fall into when stressed?
Oh yeah. I tend to over think things to the point that it's just down right crazy and I keep it all in instead of trying to find a way to let it out.

10. What kind of event in PKMO (If you are a part of the group but let's face it you probs are) would you like to participate in?  Member hosted, competitions/contests, or periodical puzzle based (crozzwords, scavenger hunts etc)?

To be honest, all of them LOL, however I do love Member hosted ones because yay members! But Puzzle ones are super fun too and I really love puzzles!

Ok I guess I have some questions to ask now too.

1. What's your favorite color and why?

2. Mustard? Ketchup? Mayo? Or Other and why?

3. What's your favorite type of monster/scary creature?

4.What was your favorite toy to play with growing up?

5. If you were a Magic Girl/Boy, what would your theme and powers be/based off of?

6. Muppets/Creature Workshop, Yes or No?

7. Do you like Waffles?

8. Do you like Pancakes?

9.Can I haz a cheezburgrs plz?

10.  What's a hobby you love to do but don't like others to know about? Don't worry, I won't judge! Unless it's like...murdering people and puppies then..yeah then I'll call the cops....

Ok as for tags, I know this is a cop out but man I just don't feel comfy doing tags. And I don't even know if anyone who follows me would do this. Soooo yeah, anyone who wants to do this go for it! Just let me know cause I'd love to see what you have to say!
  • Listening to: the colors of the wind
  • Reading: , writing and uh math


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